Aquarius Water Station

• High Frequency Cold Plasma Field OZONE Generator
• Venturi Fed OZONATION process
• 30 Watts UV Treatment
• 0.003 Micron ULTRA Filtration
• 0.5 CARBON CBC filtration processes
• Low-Cost Long Life 1.0 Micron Primary and Secondary Filters
• 10 to 12 Gallons per minute production output
• Low operating cost and maintenance cost
• No Waste Water by-products
• Safe to use with No Neon Transformer or Ignition Coil used
• Fully-automatic, simple to use, no supervision required, plug and forget
• Transportable for quick and easy deployment, no installation

Control Panel

Designed to provide a source of safe, clean, potable drinking water purification system for large factories and small communities. The system allows use of water from various sources such as municipal water, deep well, springs, etc. It uses cutting edge High Frequency Cold Plasma Ozone Treatment Technology. Ozone water treatment is used in major cities of the world such as Paris, France, and Los Angeles City, U.S.A. Ozone far excels other known chemical water treatment in the world. Ozone has no toxic residues and is 3000 times a more effective disinfectant than chlorine. This system is designed to be transportable for easy deployment and scalable to meet various community or locality demand..

Ozone Water

Raw water collected from any natural free flowing source is initially pre-filtered to remove any and all visible sediments. Water is then Ultra-Filtered to remove harmful elements before exposing it to High Intensity Ultra Violet Light and mixed with Ozone via Venturi process. The water is then automatically moved to a holding tank and is continuously exposed to very high dosages of Ozone gas until the water needed for use. The Ozone treated water is then delivered water to a pressured storage. The sterilized output of the pressured storage may be used for washing containers. The same sterilized output of the pressurized storage is also passed through a post carbon filter for the drinking product output.

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